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Chartwells provide the catering at Hednesford Valley High.  They are the UK leading provider of catering and support services to the education sector.

Chartwells simple set of commitments – Eat, Learn, Live – helps them to educate young people about how to have a happy, safe and healthy lifestyle while contributing to a sustainable world.

At Hednesford Valley High we follow a multi-choice menu where students have a choice  from 2 hot and 1 cold option for both main and desert.

Chartwells believes that managing food allergies is not just about helping children avoid the foods to which they are allergic, it is also about providing safe, tasty and nutritious meals in an environment in which they feel comfortable and accepted.

Chartwells has implemented a detailed allergy program to ensure that allergies and medical conditions are well managed across all of our schools. Foodservice managers are trained on all types of allergies and how to review and understand ingredients when ordering food.  Student allergy information is also included into the computerized point of sale system to alert the cashier of allergies.

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