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Accessibility Plan 





Success criteria/Impact on learning/Monitoring


SEN students are given the knowledge and skills about their needs to work successfully in school and be members of the local community


(Autism & Dyslexia)

SEN groups

SEN groups discuss and plan how students are taught about the nature of their difficulties and strategies used to support them in and out of school.

Each group present their ideas to all staff.

Staff agree the strategies to be used for each group of SEN.

Information given to parents/carers.

Information given to students via assemblies, PSCHE lessons and awareness raising weeks

Mar 17 1hr

May 17 1hr



Jun 17 1 hr

Jun 17 1 hr


Jul 17 1 hr

Sep 17 onwards


Students understand how their SEN affects them and others too




Feedback on student surveys

To give students more problem solving opportunities






To audit current problem solving opportunities in the curriculum.

To provide training by staff sharing effective practice in school.

Teaching staff to include problem solving opportunities as least once a term on mid-term plans.

Jul 17 5hrs


Oct 17 1hr


Nov 17 onwards


To develop flexible thinking and learning for students as they mature


Lesson observations

Additional signage directing visitors and students around the school




Year 6 students asked what signage would be useful when new in school.

Companies contacted about signs required

Companies provide quotes

Decision made using best value and then actioned

Jul 17


Jul 17

Sep 17

Sep 17


Clear signage for new visitors and students


HT’s report to FGB

To create additional teaching space for new sensory learners


RED & group plan the new rooms to cater for 3 additional students with sensory needs.

HT, ST & SSM agree timeline for the work.

ST action work to ensure classrooms are read.

Feb 17


Apr 17

Jul 17

SLD students who need a local special school place during year 6 to 7 can be accommodated


SSM report to buildings

To create an additional classroom for Sept 18




SSM to contact property services to review use of land and buildings to look at how a new classroom can be created.

BS to create an idea and get quotes

FGB to decide on which plan to action

Company appointed and work actioned.

Mar 17



Jun 17

Jul 17

Aug 17


Additional teaching space created for Sixth form provision



HT’s report to FGB